Admissions Policy 2015-16/2016-17 /2017-18/2018-19

East Garforth Primary Academy is a primary academy within the School Partnership Trust Academies group.

The Board of Directors is the Admissions Authority for the academy as part of the co-ordinated scheme with the Local Authority.

If you are applying for a Reception place then you will need to do this by going on to the Leeds City Council School Admissions page, or by phoning them on 0113 222 4414.

Applications outside the normal admissions round (In year applications)

If your child is of school age and you would like to transfer to our school, please complete a common preference form (available on our website at We will write to you to let you know whether we have a place available for your child.

There will be 40 reception places available in September 2019.

Allocation of Places

Priority 1

a. Children who have an Individual Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which names the Academy will be allocated a place. Please note the IEHP replaces reference to the statement of special education needs (SEN);

b. Children in public care or fostered under an arrangement made by the local authority or children previously looked after by a Local Authority

Children will receive Priority 1b if

  • they are children currently looked after by a local authority
  • children fostered under an arrangement made by the local authority
  • those who have been adopted from local authority care
  • children who reside with a person named on a Child Arrangements Order immediately following being looked after by the local authority
  • those with a Special Guardianship Order immediately following being looked after by the local authority

Priority 2

Children with older brothers or sisters who will be at school at the start of the academic year and are living at the same address (see Note 1).

Priority 3

We will consider applications as follows:

a. If there are enough places for everyone who has applied, we will offer every child a place;

b. If we have more applications than there are places, we will offer places first to children who have the school as their nearest school measured in a straight line (this does not include any voluntary-aided schools).

c. We will then offer places to other children living closest to the school measured in a straight line, where the school is not their nearest.

Tie Break

Should a situation of full subscription be reached at any point in the allocation process, the places remaining for that category of priority will be given to children living nearest to the school, as measured by a straight line between the home and the school. Leeds City Council uses a national computer system to measure the ‘straight line’ distance from the centre of the school building to the child’s home address. (See Note 2).

Notification of Places

In accordance with the co-ordinated admissions policy, in April Leeds Admissions will make the formal offer of a place to parents or guardians on behalf of the school.

When you have received your offer you must confirm your school place. To confirm the place you must contact the relevant school directly; the Admissions Team are unable to register your confirmation. If you are unhappy with the school place you have been offered then you have the right to appeal. Please see further guidance within the appeals document at the base of this page.

Waiting List

After offers have been made on 16th April 2019, parents can ask to go on the waiting list for the school. Waiting lists will also be held for applications outside of the admissions round. All waiting lists will be held in criteria order of the admissions policy and will close at the end of the academic year (July 2020). All waiting lists will be ranked when new applicants have been added ahead of any allocations being made.

Starting Reception Age

In Leeds, almost all children start primary school in the September following their 4th Birthday.  You must ensure your child receives an appropriate full time education from the term following their fifth birthday. Parents can request that the start date for their child is deferred until later in the school year in the case of children who have not reached their 5th birthday. You can also request that your child attends part-time until he/she reaches compulsory school age. If you want a later start date within the academic year you should discuss this with the school. If your child is born in the summer term and you wish to defer entry until the next academic year but remain within the same chronological year group you will need to apply for a place in year 1.

Deferment for summer born children

Parents of children born between 1 April and 31 August 2015 who wish to defer entry into reception until September 2020 should still apply in the normal admission round for 2019, and indicate this on their preference form, and attach any evidence of the need for deferment from any associated professionals. The parent will be invited to a panel including early years education experts and headteachers where their individual case will be considered. This will ensure the opportunity to reflect on the long term impact of that decision, and balance this against the child’s current needs.

Appeals Procedure

Parents who want to appeal against the any decision not to offer their child a place at the school must appeal directly to the school. Appeals should be addressed to the school within 10 days of receiving the decision letter from Leeds Admissions.

The appeal will be heard by an independent appeals panel. Parents will receive notification of the date and time of their appeal hearing, to which they can go and make their case. If they wish, parents may be accompanied by an advisor or friend. Following the appeal, the Clerk to the appeals panel will write to parents with the decision.

Note 1

For these purposes, brothers and sisters must be living at the same address as your child. This also includes siblings living with the family, for example, foster children and stepchildren. The definition does not include cousins or families sharing a house.

Note 2

For admission purposes, the home address is where the child usually lives with their parent or carer. You must not give the address of a childminder or relative. When we make an offer, we assume your address will be the same in the following September but you must use your current address. If you move after the deadline, you must tell the school and Leeds Admissions of your new address.

Note 3

If a school has to move to a temporary site for any reason, such as the building being damaged by a fire, we will base our distance measurements on the school’s permanent site.

Note 4

We normally only allow children to start primary school at the appropriate age. This is the beginning of the academic year in which they will have their fifth birthday.

Note 5

Leeds City Council has a protocol to admit ‘hard to place’ children, outside the normal admission round and above the published admission number, in accordance with the DfES advice.