Remote Learning Y6B

6B have produced some outstanding, creative pieces of work during remote learning, and I have been so impressed with both the work they have done and the attitude towards learning! The positivity and engagement with the lessons and tasks has been fantastic, and I feel very lucky to teach this group!

In English, we have read The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, as our topic for this term has been World War 2. I had never read this book before, and I absolutely loved it, and from the conversations I have had with the children, they have loved it too! Some of the responses to the reading questions have been amazing, with real depth and quality in analysis. We also ran a reading competition across key stage 2, in which gave a good account of ourselves. In writing, the children have produced some brilliant pieces. We have written a diary entry from the point of view of a child during The Blitz, a leaflet with instructions for the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign, and we have started a balanced argument about evacuation. I have been blown away by the creativity and commitment to producing excellent work the children have shown througout these tasks.

As I mentioned, our topic this term is World War 2, and the quality of work in these sessions has also been amazing. Further to this, we have done PE on a Tuesday and Wonderful Wednesdays. Some of the Wonderful Wednesday creations have been really good, and it looked like the class really enjoyed completing the tasks. We have also enjoyed snow days, shared lots of pictures/had zoom appearances from our pets, and struggled through poor zoom connections (some more than others) with gritted teeth, but always a smile! Again, I have been so impressed with 6B’s attitude and effort throughout the remote learning sessions, and I am so proud of the class. They all deserve so much credit, well done everyone!

Some feedback from parents:

I know a lot of the other parents are full of praise for how well you have adapted to home learning and I really feel as if the children are getting a quality education, in very testing times. In the space of less than 24 hours , teachers have planned and produced an excellent package of home learning materials and really thought carefully about the needs of the children.

The online lessons that Mr Bolton has provided this week have been absolutely fantastic. Joshua has been engaged with every online lesson and then fully motivated to complete the independent work afterwards. For a teacher to engage children in that way through remote learning is a true skill and speaks volumes about the work and preparation that must have gone into each lesson. Joshua has absolutely loved having Mr Bolton as a teacher in the classroom and I’m so pleased that this is continuing through remote learning.  

I just wanted to say how amazing your system is and how organised and encouraging both Mr Horry and Mr Bolton are. Keep up the good work and thank you all for doing what you’re doing in the strangest of times for the childrens’ education.

I am currently working from home full-time and to be honest, I was quite concerned how I was going to cope this week with the kids being at home whilst trying to work at what is my busiest time of the year. However, from Tuesday onwards, Miss Wilkinson & Mr Bolton have been very organised with sending out the daily schedules. Our boys have been occupied and engaged during school hours and have both said they’ve actually found the experience quite enjoyable.


Hi all - I’d like to say a huge thanks for everything you’ve done this week, the organisation and set up is amazing and has been fab