Our intent

All pupils at East Garforth build scientific skills and knowledge over time so they become confident, knowledgeable scientists; starting in the Early Years, and continuing through the whole school.  We encourage curiosity and facilitate exploration in a language rich curriculum that allows every child to become:

  • A questioner
  • A tester 
  • A hypothesiser
  • A theoriser

We believe that pupils should learn, wherever possible, through practical, hands on experiences. They learn to use correct scientific terminology and how to question ideas, explore theories, and make predictions through their Oracy skills.

Our Science teaching and learning is underpinned by National Curriculum objectives. We provide memorable learning experiences using Delta’s Science Strategy, which is enhanced with a range of practical resources. Delta’s Science Strategy is rich and diverse resource base. Its Science labs contain high quality resources for teachers to plan sequences of learning which build on prior knowledge and skills. 

The Science Strategy is supplemented by a wealth of practical resources which helps bring science alive in the classroom. For example, pupils in Year 4 explore the digestive system by making their own functioning model of intestines. Pupils in Year 6 learn about electrical components by designing and building a burglar alarm. Additionally, the working scientifically objectives ensure pupils of all ages develop rigorous enquiry skills which allow them to investigate and explore the curriculum throughout school.

In the Early Years, we foster investigative skills through child-led discovery and planned experiences to deepen every child’s understanding of the world around them. Whether they’re exploring the frost on icy days with magnifying glasses  or observing the growth of their own home-grown  vegetables, their learning and discovery is supported and extended through adult interactions. Each step in learning is carefully considered as we ensure children leaving the Early Years are ready for the Science adventures that await them in Year 1! .